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SELIT carries out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on plants of any other manufacturers.



Plant inspection, whatever kind of system you use,  turns out to be a very  advantageous  procedure. While ten-year generators power electronics components are still relevant and easy to inspect, control electronics is generally considered obsolete. Therefore, carrying out their replacement with SELIT control electronics will guarantee a system with better reliability and efficiency. It is important to underline that SELIT control electronics components are constantly updated and always compatible with previous versions, also by virtue of its modular configuration that makes plant employment suitable for converters from 10KW to 5,000KW. In this way, extraordinary maintenance with replacement parts is always possible.



By virtue of specific agreements, SELIT control electronics is also supplied to some induction heater manufacturers. Supply of circuit boards, designed to meet specific needs, is also possible.



As well as design and construction of heating inductors, SELIT provides inspection and supply of every kind of heating inductors, even made by other manufacturers.




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