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SELIT produces induction heaters for several applications; our induction heaters are always designed based on their specific use and so does the generator or converter that supplies power to the heater, following planning solutions that make converters particularly performing. More precisely, energy efficiency and effective power are high even when decoupling heating inductors are used.


Converter’s electronic control unit is suitable for plants with an effective power that goes from 10KW to 5,000KW; this is possible because the control unit is realized using EUROCARD circuit boards, assembled on racks that make it modular. This setting makes the extraordinary maintenance much easier to carry out.


Thanks to the use of 4 microprocessors, a perfect control of all operating parameters, and therefore full reliability of the system can be achieved. PROFIBUS connections to automation equipment and remote assistance through the Internet are also available.


SELIT supplies induction furnaces, specifically designed for your applications such as:

  • heating plants for ferrous and non-ferrous bars and billets for hot pressing;
  • heating plants for steel rods for production of bolts for railways industry;
  • plants for temperature recovering of  bars or billets on rolling mills;
  • plants for induction hardening of steel mechanical parts;
  • quenching systems for steel bars;
  • plants for various heating treatments;
  • heating plants for aluminium bars for extrusion presses;
  • heating plants for protection coatings of steel pipes (epox, etc);



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