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In just 11 years of business activity (data: updated to 31 December 2014) SELIT installed and provided electronic systems for the management of over 330 converters. The effective power of the realized plants goes from 10Kw to 36MW.

Here follows a brief list of most relevant installations:


• China: three induction heaters for slabs, total power 108MW

• Italy: one induction heater for slabs, power 36MW

• Italy: revamping of induction heater for slabs, power 20MW

• Italy: induction heater for slab edges, power (2MW)

• Italy: one 1.1MW MF converter on an existing line of quenching bars


Please contact us for more details and to get a more detailed list of the plants built. info@selitsrl.com



Acciaieria Arvedi

The most important achievement is the 36MW induction heater, first plant of this kind in the world, installed in the steelworks Acciaieria Arvedi S.p.A.

Installation was realized in December 2008 and plant  came into production in June 2009. SELIT is able to operate to an high and innovative technological level, thanks to internal sources and numerous external consultants. In June 2009 Acciaieria Arvedi S.p.A started its production of flat-rolled steels (up to a thinness of 0.8 mm) with the new line “continuous casting rolling without interruption”, realized with Arvedi’s technology and produced by SIEMENS.

This hot strip mill is the first in the world with these characteristics  and proves to be extremely innovative in terms of low energy consumption, compact sizes and quality of laminates. Production reaches 2 million tons per year. Induction heater produced by SELIT is inserted just after the strip mill  for reheating the slabs. The slabs, with a width of 1570 mm and a thickness between 20 and 10 mm, need to increase their temperature of 350°C. Induction heater is made of 12 converters with a power of 3,000 KW each, 12 capacitor banks, 12 heating inductors. 3,000 KW converters are entirely designed and produced by SELIT, while capacitor banks and inductors are designed by SELIT, but fully manufactured by Acciaieria Arvedi. Heating inductors are under industrial patent protection, property of Acciaieria Arvedi.

These types of induction heaters are always produced in cooperation with Acciaieria Arvedi. The significant peculiarity of the furnace is that the same inductor always allows power of 3,000Kw to elements with a thickness between 20 mm and 10mm. This excellent performance is possible thanks to the particular technical approach adopted by SELIT. It should be pointed out that a traditional plant would allow only 1,700KW to a slab with a thickness of 10mm .

All converters were entirely built with SCR technology: strip mill operates on a 24/7 basis, therefore a high reliability is required. In these kinds of applications, in which high powers are needed, SCR are still more reliable and performing components than IGBT, with only half of energy losses. It should be added that SCR are not generally used with frequencies above 5KHz, but SELIT, thanks to its technology, can produce converters with frequencies up to 20KHz, also with the employment of SCR.



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