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SELIT S.r.l. is a family run business founded in 2003 by Giovanni Bernardi and his sons Davide and Simone.


Our long lasting experience in the induction heaters field allows us to operate with almost all possible induction heater applications.


Our customers are both induction heater manufacturers and end users for whom we can provide several services: production of induction heaters, consultancy, customized circuit boards supply, mechanical, electrical and electronic sketches and projects.


SELIT also offers a service of recondition of old induction heaters by undertaking significant transformations of their performance and functional features.



SELIT s.r.l. | REA 986662 | Reg. Impresa 08610510011/2003 | Cap.soc.€ 60.000,00 i.v. | P.IVA 08610510011 | info@selitsrl.com

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